SLV Elektronik GmbH

Light is Life
35 years ago our company history began with the joy of playing with light. Today we are one of the leading suppliers of innovative lighting systems, technical light and residential lighting. Currently we have more than 300 employees worldwide.
A characteristic feature of SLV is the balanced relationship between innovative technique, up-to-date design and customer-friendly prices. Competence and sovereignty are at all times our most important attributes while a wide range and a high quality standard complete our performance and products.
From Pros for Pros
As an international supplier of innovative lighting systems with a contemporary design standard, we have gained a position in the B-to-B market and are continuously extending our share of the market in Germany as well as internationally. Running a B-to-B mail order business, we have focused on distributing our products to electricians, specialised and wholesale trade as well as further specialised partners in more than 95 countries worldwide.
A Strong Collective
As a globally acting supplier of light, we address foreign markets via subsidiary and partner companies. The shares we hold in the different companies of the group vary between 20% and 100%.
We are represented with our headquarters in Übach-Palenberg near Aachen, Germany as well as share holdings and subsidiary companies in France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and the US. Additionally, there are long-lasting relations with distribution partners in numerous other countries on four continents.
Cutting-edge Products
Along with chosen designers and long-term partner companies in the Far East we continuously keep developing and refining our product range regarding technology and design. We are thus able to offer high-quality products with up-to-date design at customer-friendly prices while meeting all relevant standards. Regarding development, we always keep up with the latest trends and take the constantly changing wishes and requirements of our customers into consideration.
Our wide-spread range of products contains individual lighting solutions for residential and outdoor areas as well as complete high- and low-voltage lighting systems for commercial application. We place special emphasis on the use of modern LED technologies.
The Customer’s Storage
One of our keys to success is our logistics. Our highly efficient logistics centre as well as a spacious high rack warehouse in which 98% of our more than 2,500 products are kept available at all times allow shortest delivery periods within Europe. For our customers this provides the considerable additional value of not having to keep their own warehouse. The claim of being “The Customer’s Warehouse” thus becomes reality with SLV.

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